Nougat Cream

Nougat Cream

Conditionnement 220g Jar

Original creation of Maison André Boyer, nougat cream, rediscover the softness of André Boyer white nougat in cream, To taste directly with a spoon, on pancakes, or in your pastries.

9.76 €

(44.37 € /kg)



Almond *

Lavender honey IGP Provence


egg white*

natural vanilla flavor

* may carry a risk of allergies for affected people

Nutritional values

Energy : 385kcal

Fat/Lipid : 20.70g

Included saturated : 1.67g

Carbohydrate : 39.58g

- included sugar : 38.95g

Protein : 11.70g

Sodium : 0.02g

Food safety: in keeping with a demand for quality and to ensure optimal safety, the André Boyer laboratory applies the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

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