Over 130 years of history

Still hand-made

André Boyer House, based in Sault en Provence, is one of the oldest companies in the Vaucluse region, whose values have been passed down since 1887. Our products, including the authentic Sault nougat, are made by hand in our workshops in Sault, between the Ventoux and the Lubéron, using carefully selected ingredients: lavender honey harvested on the slopes of Mont Ventoux, regional almonds.

Our awards

The real white nougat from Sault, very tender, and the black nougat, delicately caramelised, are two jewels in the crown of traditional Provençal confectionery, with authentic flavours that contribute to the reputation of our brand. André Boyer's products are frequently mentioned in French and foreign tourist guides (Michelin guide, Routard guide, Pudlowski guide, etc.).

Discover our specialities


White Nougat ;a tender, creamy nougat

To obtain this unique, slightly puffed and very tender fondant, the IGP Lavender honey and egg whites are cooked in a bain-marie for several hours, to which we add whole roasted almonds of the French variety.

Black Nougat; a crunchy, caramelised nougat

To obtain this subtle caramelised crunch, the almonds are delicately roasted in IGP Provence lavender honey over a high heat in one of our copper cauldrons.

Provence biscuit

The famous Provençal macaroons, like our nougat, were developed from the very beginning of the confectionery industry in 1887. Nothing could be simpler than a Provençal macaroon. Yet it's one of the most difficult biscuits to make: crisp on the outside, airy and tender on the inside. André Boyer's secret: almond flour from Provence, worked for a long time with a stone millstone and rigorously baked.

André Boyer House also makes croquants with almonds from Provence, which have the special feature of being soft on the inside, a subtle blend of almonds and sultanas. Galettes made with flour from small spelt grown on the Plateau de Sault are stamped with the Boyer "historical seal", perfecting their character (awarded the Grand Prix Tradition, gourmet 2017 in Paris). 

The expertise of the House André Boyer, who as well as being a Maitre nougatier is also one of the last Maitre Calissonnier.

Calisson of Provence

This traditional confection, typically Provençal, is a concentrated delicacy made mainly from candied melon, candied orange peel and finely ground almonds. Its distinctive curves are then delicately coated with a royal icing.