The historic boutique of André Boyer

in the heart of the Pays de Sault

Discover the enchanting beauty of Provence, with a special focus on the charming commune of Sault. Nestling in the heart of the region, Sault is renowned for its wealth of lavender, honey and nougat, treasures that capture the very essence of this sun-drenched land.

The Boutique and Tea Room of Maison André Boyer welcomes you to Sault at the foot of Mont Ventoux, for a gourmet break. You will discover its history through its sweets, pastries, ice creams in summer and 13 desserts in winter.

When to come?

Open 7/7 from 08h to 19h

Annual closure from mid-January to mid-February

How do I get there?

Place de l'Europe, 84390 Sault en Provence


+33 (0)4 90 64 00 23

Go behind the scenes at André Boyer House

The André Boyer nougat-making workshop is open to visitors every Tuesday at 3pm from 15 June to 15 September. Come and discover how Sault nougat is made, with a 30-minute presentation around the cauldrons and a tasting of the company's greatest specialities.

Reservations required all year round for groups of at least 15 people.

Lavender, the emblem of Provence, is an aromatic plant with purple flowers that delicately perfume the air. Sault is renowned for its vast lavender fields, where visitors can wander among these waves of purple and enjoy their intoxicating scent. 

Sault honey (IGP PROVENCE) is a sweet treasure that testifies to the region's floral wealth. The bees gather the lavender flowers, creating a honey with subtle aromas and a delicious taste. Sault honey is appreciated for its exceptional quality and is used in many of the region's culinary specialities and artisanal products, such as the famous Sault nougat.

Sault is renowned for producing an exquisite nougat, combining IGP Provence lavender honey, Provencal almonds and the flavours of the region. Sault nougat is renowned for its soft, creamy texture, a result of the know-how and tradition that make this speciality a real treat for the taste buds.

The combination of lavender, honey and nougat makes Sault a must-see destination for food lovers. Visitors can explore the lavender fields, discover the secrets of beekeeping and sample traditional sweet treats, immersing themselves in the authentic soul of Provence.

Provence, and Sault in particular, celebrate these natural and culinary treasures, and their importance is deeply rooted in the region's history and culture. Discover the magic of lavender, the sweetness of honey and the delicacy of Sault nougat, and let yourself be carried away by the enchanting essence of Provence.