More than 130 years' history

History of the André Boyer House

Discover the fascinating history of the André Boyer House

For over a century, André Boyer has been delighting nougat lovers with its exceptional expertise. As a nougat maker and master craftsman, this prestigious house perpetuates a gourmet tradition and offers unique creations that seduce the finest palates.

Discover the fascinating story of André Boyer, renowned nougat maker, and plunge into a world of irresistible sweets.

An artisan tradition

The André Boyer adventure began more than a century ago, when the eponymous founder decided to put his talent at the service of nougat. Guided by his passion and love for sweet delights, he perfected his art of confectionery to create nougats of exceptional quality. 

His unique know-how has been passed down from generation to generation, preserving the tradition of craftsmanship and the House's reputation for excellence.

Meticulous selection

As a nougat manufacturer, La Maison André Boyer carefully selects the ingredients that go into its creations. Year-harvested almonds and a distinctive honey (IGP Provence Lavender) are the foundations of its recipes.

These exceptional ingredients are meticulously combined in carefully studied proportions, giving each nougat a deliciously tender texture and exquisite flavour.

Passion & high standards

André Boyer has managed to preserve traditional production methods, combining ancestral gestures with modern techniques to guarantee impeccable quality. Each nougat is made with passion and rigour, in compliance with the strictest artisanal standards. The nougat-makers, guardians of ancestral know-how, give life to unique creations that celebrate the subtle marriage of flavours and textures.

André Boyer's story is one of a consuming passion for nougat and an unwavering commitment to quality. Thanks to its craftsmanship, this renowned company has become a benchmark in the world of confectionery. Each nougat is a genuine gourmet work of art, symbolising a family heritage and the excellence of an exceptional nougat maker.

André Boyer embodies the perfect marriage between tradition and innovation. As a nougat maker and master craftsman, this prestigious house perpetuates ancestral know-how and offers new creations.

Master confectioner since 1887

André Boyer House, based in Sault en Provence, is one of the oldest companies in the Vaucluse region, and its values have been passed down since 1887.