Small spelt flour biscuits

Small spelt flour biscuits

Conditionnement 200g pack

This virtually unknown recipe uses an ancestral cereal known as einkorn, grown on the Sault plateau. In recent years, it has become renowned for its dietary benefits (it has low gluten content).
This ultra-thin galette made with fresh butter is stamped with the historical Boyer seal, which enhances its character. 

8.63 €

(41.25 € /kg)



Einkorn flour*


Semi-skimmed milk*


Our products are guaranteed natural and free of preservatives

* may carry a risk of allergies for affected people

Nutritional values

Energy : 387kcal

Fat/Lipid : 10.44g

Included saturated : 6.19g

Carbohydrate : 67.44g

- included sugar : 23.55g

Protein : 6.58g

Sodium : 0.24g

Food safety: in keeping with a demand for quality and to ensure optimal safety, the André Boyer laboratory applies the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

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