White Nougat

White Nougat

Conditionnement Square 110g

Made with lavender honey harvested on the slopes of Mont Ventoux and almonds from Provence, our smooth, raised and very tender white nougat is produced according to artisanal methods in Sault en Provence.

Its recipe has not changed since its origins in 1887.

7.58 €

(65.91 € /kg)



Roasted Provencal almonds* (30%)

Lavender honey from Provence (30%)


Unleavened bread

Egg white*

Our products are guaranteed natural and free of preservatives

* may present an allergenic risk for sensitive persons.

Nutritional values

Energy : 432kcal

Fat/Lipid : 14.10g

Included saturated : 1.03g

Carbohydrate : 66.00g

- included sugar : 62.70g

Protein : 8.00g

Sodium : 0.014g

Food safety: in keeping with a demand for quality and to ensure optimal safety, the André Boyer laboratory applies the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

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