The making of
genuine Sault Nougat

The André Boyer company in Sault en Provence is one of the oldest businesses in the Vaucluse department and has been handing down its values since 1887.
Our products, including the authentic Sault nougat, are made according to artisanal methods in our workshops in Sault, located between Mont Ventoux and the Lubéron region. In their making we use meticulously chosen produce like lavender honey harvested on the slopes of Mont Ventoux and locally-grown almonds.

The genuine Sault white nougat, so tender, and the delicately caramelised black nougat represent the finest gems in artisanal Provencal confectionery, offering those authentic flavours which have helped to build the reputation of our brand.

The André Boyer company has been cited many times in French and foreign tourist guides (Michelin guide, Guide du Routard, Pudlowski guide etc.).

Cooking in the cauldron
Adding the syrup
Adding the almonds
Pouring the paste into the moulds