in "Blue Country"

Sault is a small Provencal village perched upon a rocky spur overlooking the “Blue Valley” and its lavender fields, stretching as far as the eye can see at the foot of majestic Mont Ventoux.

It is also a leading health resort, listed as a “green resort” and one of the six sites in France that are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.
Indeed, the Sault area has succeeded in retaining the wild character of High Provence and keeping it intact.

The entire area (the largest surface in the Vaucluse) is basically devoted to farming on a human scale.

In perfect harmony with neighbouring municipalities, Sault inhabitants have developed a solid tradition in hospitality founded upon an authentic cultural heritage.

The village also acts as a base station for hiking treks and excursions to Mont Ventoux, the Gorges de la Nesque, the Val de Sault, the Toulourenc Valley, the Albion Plateau and the Lure Mountain, where you can enjoy mountain bike and walking trails, as well as villages and monuments dating back to the Roman era.

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The ‘Plan d’Aurel’ Medieval Square
Rue du Club in Sault
Majestic Mont Ventoux
The Gorges de la Nesque