The André Boyer

Founded by great-grandfather Ernest in 1887, the Boyer Company was successively headed by Léonce, and then by Jean and André. Through sheer tradition, it has strong ties with Sault, with its terroir and with its inhabitants.
Nowadays the company tradition and know-how is kept alive by a team of confectioners, pastry chefs and nougat makers. We still use artisanal methods, we are very demanding when it comes to choosing the raw materials, and we greatly favour local distribution networks.

During your visit, you will explore a small museum explaining the history and the production of our confectionery. You will also tour our library devoted to the culinary arts and recipes from yesteryear, as well as long-forgotten secrets and ingredients.
Assembled over the years, the library collection boasts a few rare books.
Our shop in Sault is open daily from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm. We will also unveil our world of treats for you upon request.

A cookie seal model, still in use today
The Sault shop, open daily
Our loyal almond roaster