Provencal macaroons

Nothing could be more basic than a Provencal macaroon.
Yet it is one of the hardest biscuits to make, for it is crisp on the outside and airy and tender on the inside. The secret resides in the lengthy work performed on the Provencal almond flour, followed by meticulous cooking.


Provencal almonds*
Egg whites* 
Bitter almonds*
Wheat flour

Our products are guaranteed natural and free of preservatives

Food safety: in keeping with a demand for quality and to ensure optimal safety, the André Boyer laboratory applies the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

*may carry a risk of allergies for affected people.

7,30 €

36,49 € per kg

200g bag
7,30 €
36,50 €(by kg)
400g bag
13,46 €
33,65 €(by kg)